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Contest time! (100+ watchers special!)Thank you all for everything I could do to get here and just for all of this, im going to do a contest and some announcements!
The contest will be about you guys drawing my ocs!
You can either do one of them or a family photo like this one!
Here are some of their refs if you guys need them!
There will be 3 winners!
1st place will get 2 requests, an icon and a ref for one of their ocs!
2nd place will get 2 requests and a icon.
3rd will finally get 1 request and a icon.
Now an announcement!
I will be making a comic soon!
If anyone would like to help me on it just note me!
Contest ends April 30, good luck!

130 Watchers Draw My OC Contest!! (EXTENDED)CURRENT NUMBER OF ENTRIES: 5


1. must be a watcher to join (new watchers welcome!!)
2. no NSFW (gore is fine but no sexual themes)
3. please submit entries as deviations, nothing in stash
4. don't draw my OCs together unless they're the same story (no

Contest Update-all prizes will be awardedNew Theme: Mine and your ocs/fcs
the last time i did this theme it went pretty well
this time fan characters are allowed
unless our characters are already shipped, please draw them as just friends
my characters-
1- must have at least one of my characters and one of yours [as many as you can draw]
2-SFW please
3- be creative
4- No tracing or bases [ I'll allow collabs on this, but you'll have to split the prizes]
1st 400 Points or a month of core, 3 single character drawings, and a doodle of our characters
2nd 200 Points, 2 single character drawings, and a doodle of our characters
3rd 100 Points 1 single character drawing and a doodle o

Character Design Contest (CLOSED)WINNERS ARE: Mochizuki Lavender-Hill littlebink


How does it work?? All you have to do is design me a new OC! That includes clothes and, if you want to go above and beyond, personality! And hey, if you don't win you can sell it as an adopt or keep it for yourself! Everyone wins!

What I'm looking for:

I'm leaning more towards human girls
(I'm not interested in ferals, mechas or non-humanoid monsters) (anthros will now be considered! they're not your best bet but have at it!)
Any and every art style is accepted but no NSFW!
(pixel art is good too!)
I will in the end probs chose whichever one has the best outfit!
(don't go toocrazy though!)
All entries must be fullbodies OR you must have the whole outfit out to the side.
All submissions must be actual deviations, nothing in stash!

Hey there guys! So it finally happened, I hit 200 watchers~! Thank you all for the support and favorites and such; it means a lot to me c:
And so I'll be hosting a contest!!


~Pick any one of the s-quad characters to draw: (Ethan, Aidan, Zachary, Ephraim, or Felix.)
(They can be found here: )
~No sketches! Must be complete drawings!
(you can send me the sketch if you want an okay to continue with it though)
~Must be watching me to participate (Wouldn't be fair to the others c: )
EDIT: ~You ARE allowed to draw the fantasy versions as well c:

-You can choose to draw all of them, or a small number of them, whichever your favorites are c:
- Type does not matter, full-body, half-body,head-shots. 
-There are no limits, so submit
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TashyKish Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the feature but my other conte needs it a lot more, that one only has one entry ;v;
0ArtisticallyInsane0 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Student General Artist
Link me yeah? I'll add it later
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